Western Museum of Flight

While the Western Museum of Flight isn’t quite as glamorous as a day at a fancy hotel or a trip to Disneyland, a day at the museum can be just as fun! We hope you enjoy these photos from our last couple of days at the Western Museum of Flight. If you haven’t visited us yet, make plans to check out our exhibits and events soon! The museum is located at 3315 Airport Dr, Torrance, CA 90505.

Check out our new exhibit, “Secret Spy Aircraft of the Cold War”!

The new exhibit at the Western Museum of Flight focuses on spy aircraft created during the Cold War. Here you’ll learn about the aircraft and the people who used them. This is a great exhibit for kids who are learning about the Cold War or for those who are curious about how spies use airplanes! We’re excited to host this new exhibit at the Western Museum of Flight. It’s one of those exhibits that will be popular for years to come.

The Western Museum of Flight is open for business.

With all the celebrations and opening events for the museum, September was a busy month at the Western Museum of Flight. We’re glad that our new museum is open to the public. We’ve had an overwhelming amount of visitors, but we’ve also had a great time welcoming all of you. We hope to see you soon!

Onsite at the Western Museum of Flight: Meet with a former pilot and take a flying tour:

The museum offers a variety of activities and events you can participate in. If you’re interested in exploring aviation, sign up for one of our events or activities. Our events and activities range from a casual meet-and-greet with a pilot to an aviation tour of Boeing Field. We also offer private tours, including one-on-one tours and group tours. If you’re interested in taking a tour, please sign up online at our Event and Activity sign-up boards. Learn more.

Offsite at the Western Museum of Flight: See and learn about historic aircraft at Seattle’s Flying Heritage Collection.

Seattle’s Flying Heritage Collection is another great place to learn about aviation and historic airplanes. The Flying Heritage Collection is located in Issaquah, Washington, and is owned by the same group that owns the Western Museum of Flight. You can take a short drive to the Flying Heritage Collection and explore the collection. You can also visit the Flying Heritage Collection website for more information about visiting. We hope you visit both the Western Museum of Flight and the Flying Heritage Collection! The collection is a great place to start learning about aviation and historic aircraft in the Pacific Northwest.

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