Our Junk Removal Load Sizes

Highly rated & trusted Long Beach junk removal service. See our load sizes based on our 12 ft long, 8 ft wide & 4 ft tall truck load size.

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Long Beach Junk Removal Load Sizes

Our truck loads are 12 feet long, 8 feet wide and 4 feet tall.

1/4 Junk Removal Load

1/4 Load Of Junk Removal

This is our smallest and minimum load size. The price of the this load varies on the type of junk you need hauling. For example, a few bags of trash will be cheaper than a quater load of broken up concrete or tile.

1/2 Junk Removal Load

1/2 Load Of Junk Removal

We’re your Long Beach junk removal team and half a load of junk will take care of quite a bit of junk. Again, this price will vary depending on the items and the location of the junk that needs to be removed.

3/4 Junk Removal Load

3/4 Load Of Junk Removal

Give us a call if you have quite a bit of junk. Our crew can help pick it up and haul it away with our dump trailer or dump truck. Both have the same measurements. With those load sizes, you can pretty much haul away all you're junk in one go!

Full Load Junk Removal

Full Load Of Junk Removal

If you have a large load of junk and need the most room possible to limit the number of times you need to run to the landfill, then this load will do. Again, for all of our loads, prices will vary so it is always best to give us a call for pricing. A load of demolition material is way different than yard waste debris.

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Step #1

When you have had enough of that unwanted junk, simply give us a call for a FREE estimate to remove it.

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Tell us about what you want removed or snap a quick pic of your junk. We may give you an estimate right then!

Step #3

Once we see what you need removed, we will give you a 100% FREE no obligation quote on hauling it.

Step #4

We schedule the pick-up. We go out and load up your junk and haul it while you sit back and relax.

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We provide prompt, affordable, and friendly junk removal service in Long Beach, CA. We haul it all, from a single bag of trash to multiple truck loads of junk piles from your property.

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