Long Beach Bulky & Large Item Pick Up

We are a full service junk removal company that will haul away anything. We offer a bulky and large item pick up service in Long Beach.

Looking For A Long Beach Bulky and Large Item Pick Up Service?

We Pick It All Up

There are many times in our lives when we have a bulky item that needs to be thrown away. We have the muscle and equipment to do it for you. From hot tubs to couch removal, we do it all in Long Beach!

Affordable Pricing

We may not always be the cheapest bulky item pick-up service in Long Beach but you will most definitely pay for what you get. Quality, friendly, and timely service at a great price is what you will get from us.

Professional & Friendly Crew

You don't want just anybody to show up to your home or property. We are licensed professionals and fully insured. Our guys are clean cut, super friendly, and strong enough to handle whatever large item pick up Long Beach throws at them.

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Long Beach Large Item Pick Up

Types Of Bulky Items We Pick Up

Furniture Pick Up Orange

Old Couches & Furniture

Any and all types of household furniture that is no longer in use and has been sitting around collecting dust, is what we take with our services. Let us take care of your couch removal needs in Long Beach.

Large Item Pick Up Long Beach

Hot Tubs & Pools

Removing a large bulky item like a hot tub or an above ground swimming pool is a breeze for us. We have equipment to quickly break it down, load it up and complete your hot tub removal in Long Beach.

Old Playground & Swing Sets

Old Playground & Swing Sets

Your kids had a great time and great memories playing on those small playground and swing sets, but the time comes when they outgrow them. We break down and remove these sets.

Long Beach Bulky & Large Item Pick-Up

Storage Sheds

Somtimes you no longer need a storage shed on your property and the old unit sits there taking up space. Free up that space and call us to break down and remove that large bulky item.

Carpet Removal Long Beach

Old Carpeting & Rugs

Many people these days are switching out their old carpeting for tile and wood flooring. If you've recently made the switch, we offer old carpet disposal. We even haul away old rugs that are no longer in use.

Old Fencing

Old Fencing

If you have an old chain link fence that needs to be removed or even an old fallen wood fence, we haul these large bulk items too. Many times, we offer demo work on these items.

What To Expect When You Contact Us…

Step #1

Give us a call and let us know the large item pick up you need hauled away.

Step #3

Snap a pick and send it to us. We will give you a quick and FREE estimate to pick it up

Step #4

If you like the estimate, we schedule a day and time to go pick it up and haul it away.

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If you’re online right now searching for Long Beach large item pick up, service then you’ve landed on the perfect page. We are happy to pick up any item that’s being unused and needs to be thrown away. Give us a call for our fast and friendly junk removal services today!

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We provide prompt, affordable, and friendly junk removal service in Long Beach, CA. We haul it all, from a single bag of trash to multiple truck loads of junk piles from your property.

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