Bin There, Done That: A Clever Guide to Garbage Can Etiquette

Getting rid of your trash may seem like a no-brainer, but apparently, some of us have been using our no-brains to do it all wrong. 

It’s time to dump those bad habits and trash our trashy ways with this short list of garbage can etiquette.


Properly secure your trash bins

If you don’t properly secure your trash bins, you might end up with a “raccoon-tour” of your neighborhood! 

Those little trash pandas are experts at raiding unsecured bins and leaving a mess behind. 

So, if you don’t want your garbage to become their gourmet dinner, better lock it up tight!


Periodically wash out your garbage can

If you’ve never washed out your garbage can, you might be surprised at what kind of science experiment is growing in there. It’s like a whole new ecosystem! 

But hey, if you’re into that kind of thing, then sure, go ahead and let your trash can become a biodiversity hotspot. 

Just don’t be surprised if National Geographic comes knocking on your door for an exclusive interview with your trash can.


Do not fill cans to the point of overflowing

Overfilling your trash cans is like playing a game of trash Jenga. 

You keep piling on more garbage, hoping it won’t all come crashing down, but then one wrong move and BAM! 

Trash avalanche! 

It’s like the garbage is taunting you, daring you to try to fit just one more piece of junk in there. 

But don’t fall for its tricks, my friend. Keep that trash tower in check and avoid the stinky disaster waiting to happen.


Bag your trash and tie it before you toss it

Have you ever had the misfortune of a leaking trash bag?

It’s like the garbage is taking revenge on you for trying to contain it. It seeps out its disgusting juices, leaving a foul-smelling trail of grossness all over your trash bin. 

And once that stench sets in, it’s nearly impossible to get rid of. So, if you want to avoid that putrid fate, make sure to bag and tie your trash properly. 

Trust me, your nose (and your neighbors) will thank you.


Know what doesn't go into your bin

If you dump items like paint, fluorescent light bulbs, motor oil, and electronics down your bin you might as well be playing a game of “toxic roulette” with your groundwater. 

Those substances contain nasty chemicals that can seep into the soil and contaminate our precious natural resources. 

So, save the environment (and your reputation as a responsible citizen) and take those items to a hazardous materials facility for safe disposal.

So, there you have it folks – the do’s and don’ts of garbage can etiquette, brought to you with a side of humor and a sprinkle of sass. 

Remember to bag and tie your trash, wash out your bin (unless you’re into creating a new ecosystem), and keep those toxic items out of your bin. 

By following these simple rules, you’ll be the talk of the town (or at least the talk of your trash collection route) for all the right reasons. 

Happy garbage day, everyone!