Long Beach


Long Beach, California is home to a large, diverse population. According to the 2000 U.S. census, the city’s population is made up of more than 163,000 households. Thirty percent of those households include children, and the remainder are headed by a married couple. There were also a large number of households headed by single individuals, and 7.4% of households had senior citizens. The average household size is 2.77 people.

Long Beach’s city government is divided into several separate departments. The Long Beach Police Department is responsible for maintaining public order in the city and providing public safety. The department’s Marine Safety Division patrols the city’s beaches and waterways. The city is also home to numerous other organizations. Long Beach also hosts several public events such as the annual Sea World Expo.

Long Beach is a part of Los Angeles County and is twenty miles (32 km) south of downtown Los Angeles. It is home to several business centers and boasts excellent hospitals and schools. It also boasts noted cultural resources and a beautiful climate. It receives more than three hundred fifty days of sunshine each year.

Long Beach is home to a wide variety of ethnic and cultural activities. It has a vibrant downtown with unique shops and restaurants. Many of the restaurants in downtown Long Beach serve seafood. Other options include Mexican, Greek, and pub fare. In addition, the city has a number of bars that offer local and international cuisine. The famous ReMix Kitchen in the city offers an upscale yet affordable dining experience. In addition to fine cuisine, Shannon’s on Pine also serves up unique cocktails.

If you’re looking for something cultural to do in Long Beach, there are a number of museums to check out. The Long Beach Museum of Art features more than three thousand contemporary works of art, and there’s also the Museum of Latin American Art. On a more educational note, the CSULB campus also houses the Carolyn Campagna Kleefeld Contemporary Art Museum, which features contemporary art and exhibitions from around the world. Lastly, Long Beach is home to the Long Beach Playhouse, one of the best independent theaters in the metro area.

While staying in Long Beach, you can also visit one of the many parks and outdoor attractions. The ShoreLine Aquatic Park has a Lions Lighthouse, while the Los Cerritos Park is a great place to play with kids. The El Dorado East Regional Park has a 105-acre nature center, as well as a free archery lesson. And if you want to stay away from the crowds, you can always head to Bluff Park, a thirteen-acre park that overlooks the ocean.

The city is also home to a number of smaller theaters, including the Found Theatre, Alive Theatre, and Garage Theatre. There’s even the California Repertory Company, which performs at the Royal Theater aboard the Queen Mary. If you’re not ready to invest in a full-size theater, check out the Carpenter Center’s Terrace Theater, or CSU Long Beach’s theater department. Or also check this area next. 


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Point of Interest #2 EDEXCLOUD LLC, 115 Pine Ave #600, Long Beach, CA 90802

Point of Interest #3 Long Beach Opera, 115 Pine Ave Ste 550, Long Beach, CA 90802

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